Top Online Casino – Casumo

Top Online Casino – Casumo

Mein Verdienst als Affiliate aktueller Stand August 2018 – My merit as an affiliate current status August 2018


Ein Casino für jedermann mit einem genialen Affiliatesystem

(A casino for everyone with a brilliant affiliate system)

In diesem Screen siehst Du meine Auszahlungen, selber mal mit kleinen Einsätzen spielen ergibt ein besseres Erscheinungsbild zum Werben, bzw. als Affiliate bei dieser Plattform tätig zu sein. Überlege nicht so lange, sondern handle und nimm Deine Zukunft selber in die Hand.

(In this screen you can see my payouts, even playing with small bets gives a better appearance to advertise, or as an affiliate to be active on this platform. Do not think so long, but act and take your future into your own hands.)


Schau Dir jetzt alles in Ruhe an und fange dann an, tätig zu sein.

(Now look at everything in peace and then start to be active)



Das ist hier ein echt Top Casino, Du erhälst Freispiele und vieles mehr. Blitzschnelle Auszahlung. Oftmals die erste Woche des Monats.

 (This is a real top casino, you get free spins and much more. Lightning fast payout. Often the first week of the month.)


Es ist nicht schnell, es ist das schnellste.

(It’s not fast, it’s the fastest.)

Es gibt sehr viele Spiele, welche auch sehr gut laufen.Schaue es Dir an und entscheide,welches dein Lieblings Spiel wird. ich habe da so einige und auch mehrmals gewonnen.

(There are a lot of games that are going very well. Look at it and decide which will be your favorite game. I have won so many and several times.)



Hier siehst Du eine meiner etlichen Auszahlungen

(Here you can see one of my many payouts.)



Bilder von meinen Gewinnen

(Pictures of my profits)





  Bewirbst Du dich als Affiliate bekommst Du diese Provisionen, musst  nicht immer selber spielen.

Es ist ganz einfach, einige Male spielen und dann bewirbst Du dich als Affiliate


(If you advertise yourself as an affiliate you get these commissions, you do not always have to play yourself.

It’s easy to play a few times and then you apply as an affiliate)

Stand vom 29.08.2018  Auszahlung erfolgt immer am 15. des Folgemonats  –   As of 29.08.2018 !!!
                                            Payment is always on the 15th of the following month!




In diesem Screen siehst Du rechts unten das Datum, kurz vor der Auszahlung !!!

(In this screen you can see the date below, right before the payment !!!)



Generelle Richtlinien als Affiliate

Regeln für Werbung

Regeln für alle Arten von Aussendungen


General guidelines as an affiliate
Sales promotion must always be advertised clearly and precisely
Ads must not, directly or indirectly, contain topics that link gambling to resilience, resilience, or recklessness.
The advertising must not give the impression that gambling can be a major source of income or activity to settle debts.
Advertisements and promotions must always be consistent with the Company’s efforts to promote social responsibility and responsible gaming. Among other things, the Affiliate must ensure that advertising and advertising do not promote gambling in a way that could appeal to children, adolescents and / or vulnerable adults.
ALL advertisements must clearly state that „T & C apply“ and also contain all information about the advertised advertising, including, but not limited to, bonus and free spins requirements
All mentions of Casumo must be clear 18 + and T & C apply
Rules for advertising
All advertisements must clearly state that the advertised gambling activity may only be exercised by persons over 18 years of age.
All ads explicitly state how an offer can be used. To avoid any doubt, the customer will always be provided with sufficient information to make an informed decision before joining a promotion. For example, the customer must be fully informed of all wagering requirements, bonus offer limits, etc.
Any misleading offers do not meet the above criterion. This includes, but is not limited to, false information, such as advertising for a higher theoretical RTP than the one confirmed by the game provider or Casumo.
No advertising may address or address anyone under the age of 18
All promotions, including big winnings from Casumo customers, must be real.
Statements intended to induce the customer to make a decision or which are considered to be aggressive advertising technology must not be used. Such untruthful statements include, but are not limited to: „You have won x bonus amount“, „This bonus is only available today“ (if the offer is not statute barred), „Get rich today“
All advertising must clearly state that it does not come from Casumo
Rules for all types of emissions
Subscription of the customer for receiving marketing material from the subsidiary is on an opt-in basis, preferably double-opt-in.
Send-outs have an „unsubscribe“ link that allows the customer to forego obtaining marketing material in the future.
The text to be sent to customers must always be approved by Casumo.
All shipments should explicitly provide that the sender is not Casumo